Bishop is from Casa De Dobermans Negros Kennel which is located in Southern California.

Bishop is an very impressive young male that show tremendous promise. With the training/foundation work from Precision K9 Training, he will gain the confidence, temperament, wherewithal and knowledge to be a champion in his own right. He currently holds a BH and is expected to have his first IPO1 spring of 2017.

Please take time out to read his complete pedigree of this wonderful up and coming stud. In it you will find some of the best bloodlines such as Tahi-Reme, Daker and Gratsiano to name a few. All of these bloodlines will clearly demonstrate that he has IPO-II, IPO-III and show titles. Together, this has created the perfect looking and well balanced European Doberman. Once again if you have any questions please contact us. All of Bishop’s testing is registered for verification. Also you can find him on youtube (Gantoine1911) to watch his progression in training.

All of Bishop’s testing are registered on and can be viewed by clicking this link Any other test results can be supplied upon request. Also you can find him on youtube (Gantoine1911) to watch his progression in training and just being a great Dobe.