"We will match competitors' stud fees for a Doberman of equal caliber."

We have two superior males that are direct imports.


Alonzo is a DIRECT import from Hungary! His bloodline is from some of the best in Eastern Europe. He was sired by Famous Fidel Di Perlanera and dam’d by Gem'Givveeon Rocca. These bloodlines have created a loveable family dog with excellent temperament, drive and incredible endurance. Alonzo is an impressive Doberman with very dark mahogany markings, big head, perfect conformation, excellent muscle tone and thick bone structure. He does not carry the "Z" factor gene that produces whites, blues or fawns. He has produced nothing but the best and sires at least 8 to 12 pups per litter. At a height of 30” and weight of 95lbs, Alonzo is very alert and has a lot of prey drive and is very fearless. He is 100% protection and obedience trained, has a BH, IPO1, CGC, CGCA and CSAU. We had several health tests done to assure only the healthiest pups are produced.


Brody is also a DIRECT import from Poland. While he is very young, he shows great promise. He was sired by Artur Vom Märkischen Leo and dam'd by Luna Daker. Both parents are current international champions with several working and show titles. He possess all of the tangible and intangible characteristics of a champion Doberman. We offer FULL AKC with a 15 year pedigree. So if you are SERIOUS about getting an exceptional Doberman of your own, please call Richard at 949-407-9989. If you would like to see these males in person please call 24 hours in advance to schedule an appointment. Our services consist of two visits during the breeding period to guarantee conception. If your female does not conceive during the first breeding a free stud service will be offered during the second breeding at a time of your choice.